May 2019         A NEWSLETTER           No. 157


This issue’s editorial comes with a health warning. Or some kind of warning, anyway. I have tried to draw pen portraits (caricatures?) of people who dance, and the valid reasons why they dance. By the time you get to the end, you could be experiencing one of the following reactions:

i)     Flattered because I’ve included you, and it’s all true;

ii)   Angry because I’ve included you, and it’s a complete and utter travesty;

iii)  Amused because you think you recognize some other people;

iv)   Upset because I haven’t included you.

If you recognize yourself in any of these “portraits” – you don’t; some are wild exaggerations while others are completely fictitious And do remember that I love you all, and only really nice people go Scottish Dancing!

Alec and Morag are an older couple who’ve been Scottish Dancing all their lives. They grew up in Scotland, and want to continue dancing as long as they can. It keeps them in touch with their roots, and they can tell you many stories about Scottish dancing and Scottish history. They’ve a good sense of rhythm, and they enjoy the challenges of more complex dances.

Susie is a younger dancer by comparison. She likes going to day schools and band dances, travelling miles to do so. She believes she is a good dancer - though a critical friend points out poor turn-out and limited extension! Easy dances need to be on the programme, but she also longs to insert newer dances which add a bit more fun and sparkle.

Jim and Sarah are another older couple who grew up dancing in Scotland. After moving to England they danced a lot less when the family was young, but have danced regularly since retirement. They have a huge repertoire of past dances, though they are sometimes less secure on newer ones. Energy levels are not what they once were, but, their enthusiasm is catching, and they are a delightful couple.

Mary would admit she’s not got the world’s best footwork – her knowledge of formations is pretty good, though. All of these new dances can be hard to remember! She sometimes makes it to branch dances nearby, but it is really the dance class that is the highlight of her week: she enjoys the movement, the music and the company, which includes many good friends.

Liz has not been coming to a Scottish dance class for long, but really enjoys it. She has done English Country Dancing and barn dancing, and so she handles formations like reels well. Scottish Country Dancing has become a major enthusiasm – the dancing, and not the committees or the organization. She works full time and looks for the relaxation and fun she gets from dancing – and it’s one night when she escapes from the family! Scottish Country Dancing is much harder than she thought, but it’s fun and the people are so friendly.

Phil and Kirsty have been dancing for a couple of years: in their first year attendance was a bit haphazard. They’d like more repetition of figures and dances, but manage to miss such sessions with uncanny accuracy. Yet they now have caught the bug, and their confidence has grown hugely. Like Liz, Phil and Kirsty discovered that SCD was much harder than it looked. They don’t look like beginners any more, though!

Jenny is very fit and energetic, and loves her dancing. Another who began in the last few years, she has become a really competent dancer, and does her YouTube homework! She loves the music and the movement and makes it fun for everyone. She’s wrong to think she is still a beginner!

And then there’s the teacher. Who is asked to improve their footwork. To stick to very easy dances. To repeat dances till they’ve really gone in. To practice dances from the next Branch Dance programme. And ones from the White Rose Festival. And teach everyone a 3-couple bourrel, Again. And explain where the top is? And wouldn’t it be nice to resurrect some of the old favourites like Bonnie Anne? But – all of those things in a single night? Meeting such varied needs? Scarcely possible, even for Wonder Woman! But I’ll do my best.

Joyce Cochrane  


Some dancers are glad of a break from dancing when summer comes around. Others (like us!) suffer from withdrawal symptoms, and welcome the opportunity to continue dancing during July and August.

If you're one of the latter, you'll be glad to hear that we are again running our weekly Summer Tuesday evening dance sessions. We took this tradition over last year from Michael East, in a new venue for SCD, and the sessions proved increasingly popular as the summer went by, with three sets by the time we had our final, lively session at the end of August.

We will be using the same format as last summer, with a mixture of familiar dances and ones that may well be new to you. The sessions will also include the opportunity to learn a few more complicated dances by repeating them over several weeks. You may be surprised to know that we enjoyed some 90 dances of varying complexity over the nine weeks last summer! The atmosphere is friendly and informal, and most dances are walked through.

The sessions are again being held in Stillington Village Hall*, which is only 10 miles North of York, and is ideal for dancing, with a good floor and excellent facilities. Local residents have been intrigued by what is going on, and a few have popped in to watch the dancing. A couple even had a go at joining in a dance on one occasion.

We start on Tuesday 2 July, 7.30 – 9.30 pm, and then weekly until our final session on Tuesday 27 August. The cost is £4 per week including refreshments. Cribs can be emailed to you, so that those who wish to, can look at the dances beforehand. You are welcome to join us for as many or as few sessions as you wish.

This year we are planning a grand finale with live music by Leonard Brown on Tuesday 27August (see programme below). Leonard played both at York and Leeds recently, and we were so impressed with his lively and skilful accordion playing that we have invited him to play for a Tuesday Social Dance at Stillington. Cost will be £6 per head including refreshments, and the evening will run from 7.30 – 10.30 pm. A link to the programme and crib is on the Branch website, and dances will be walked through. Tickets available from Ken and Carol, or pay on the door. We hope to see you over the summer.
For further information or any queries, contact Carol (07973 966861) or Ken (07733 004074) or email


Since last September we have also been running a monthly, morning “dance session with a difference” for more experienced dancers, and will have had our final session by the time you read this. For those of you who haven't yet heard about it, we had a core list of 25 dances, from which we picked 11 for each of the mornings, so that many of the dances recurred. The “difference” was that the dances, most of which are well known in our area, were recapped but not walked through.

We had a loyal group of dancers who enjoyed the challenge of dancing with recaps only, and who gained a sense of achievement from this. It's been friendly and fun, but we have decided not to continue because unfortunately we were only getting just enough dancers each time. Our thanks to all those who attended.

*Stillington Village Hall, The Green, Stillington, YO61 1JX.

Carol Hazell & Ken Wallace


Normally details of the Branch Committee and its officers are printed in this issue of Broun’s Reel. However, the Committee has not met since the AGM, and details are not yet finalised.


The White Rose Festival takes place at Gateways School, Harewood, on Saturday 13th July. As previously, the Branch is entering a team, which will be trained by George Edwards. Lynne Brooks is organising the team and practices, which will be held on Thursday evenings in June. Please contact Lynne for more information if you are interested.


Alan Swearman will lead our Branch walk again this year, on Thursday 20th June. The Village Hall is allowing us to use toilet facilities etc. from 9.30 a.m., and cars can be left in its car park.

Alan has drawn a map to show the location of the village hall in Hotham. Hotham Village Hall is on North Cave Road (SatNav users: postcode is YO43 4XN). For lunch only, arrive at Ellerker Garden Centre. For SatNav users, the postcode is HU15 2DD. ( Travelling from South Cave direction, you will turn right into Ellerker, the Garden Centre will be immediately on your left. Travelling from Brough direction, you will turn left into Ellerker, the Garden Centre will be immediately on your left.)

Google maps with directions for village hall and garden centre can be accessed from Events Page.


We will be holding our third end of term dance on Thursday 4th July 2019 in the Memorial  Hall Pickering from 7.30 to 10.30.see  programme link at

ROBERT WHITEHEAD will provide the music and again it is an easier programme to encourage beginners/ less confident dancers to come and enjoy dancing to live music.

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM will be provided in the interval so it is important we know how many people to cater for.

TICKETS £5 from:
Sheila Barnes

Jennifer Robinson


Malcolm Brown has agreed to hold a further series of three classes for advanced dancers.

It is assumed participants will have a sound knowledge of basic formations and a commitment to all three sessions.

The sessions to take place on the second Wednesday of the month:-

October    9th  

November 13th

December 11th

The venue will be Wetwang Village Hall from 10 a.m. – 12 noon. Anyone interested should contact either:

Jennifer Robinson  (Mob)  07886869281  

or Nigel Bell           01482 862352


BROUN'S REEL, our newsletter, is published four times a year and can normally be collected at the Branch Dances held in September, December, February and May.  Readers wishing to obtain Broun's Reel by post should send 4 (or more) first or second class stamps, together with a note of name and address, to Mrs. R. Robins, 90 Carr Lane, Willerby, Hull HU10 6JU.  Please don't also collect a further copy from the dances, or we might run short!

Editor:  Joyce Cochrane, 22 Newton Drive, Beverley,

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Secretary: Helen Brown  01904 - 488084

York & North Humberside branch website:

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The walk will take place from Hotham village. It is a flat 4.5 miles, starting at the Village Hall where car parking is available. The Hall facilities will be open from 9:30. The walk starts promptly at 10 am.
Lunch will be at the Olive Tree Restaurant at Ellerker Lodge Garden Centre HU15 2DD. Menus will be available from Chris Hare 01482 645282. Choices to be made by Friday June 14

Jean and Alan Swearman

01482 882993

Summer Tuesdays

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